Implant Supported Bridge

When three teeth are replaced, and dental implants are integrated with your mouth, the only sustainable and efficient option is the fixed bridge to support your dental implants. Using conventional implants will not provide the same stability to the dentures and would not function properly.
These dental implants will give you unmatched strength similar to that of your natural teeth. You will be using them as your natural teeth, eating with them like you used to. Moreover, these implants will preserve the facial appearance and give stability to your jawbone.

Benefits of using the Implant Supported Bridge

Treatment of Implant Retained Dental Bridge

The treatment is comfortable and might take four visits to our experts on average. The treatment provides comfort to the patients, and they can return to their natural lifestyle of eating anything they want. The detailed steps of the procedure are given below,
With this, your teeth will function like natural teeth, and you can use them to eat the food of your choice. We provide the best dental implants and implant supported bridge cost in Auckland. All our procedures, including All on 4 Dental Implants Auckland, single dental implant, etc. are performed under expert’s supervision and at the best cost.